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Remote Saddle Fitting

Unable to Make it to one of Our Clinics?

Saddle Fit not quite right?

We offer a unique Saddle Fit evaluation via video to assess shim, pad & flocking options to assist you until your Saddle Fitter can visit.

Our workshop is open for your service needs, by appointment only. Saddle Fitters working in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Florida. Please contact us directly with any questions or concerns 707.575.8637


Contact Saddles, with 25 years Saddle Fitting Excellence, offers video evaluations to clients in remote locations, as part of our Saddle Fitter training, or for riders limited by current safety rules. We are uniquely skilled in evaluating your Saddle Fit with solutions that can help you and your horse. We have the best trained Saddle Fitters in the country and have a plan for how to help you.

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